Fontself Maker brings you super easy font creation capabilities.
Turn any lettering into actual fonts, right from your favorite graphics editor.

Create your own fonts in Illustrator

Requires Illustrator CC

on Mac OSX or Windows

Make your own fonts in Illustrator

Create fonts in minutes

Convert any shape into a font

Export cross-platform OpenType font files

Extend any copy of Illustrator CC (2013, 2014, 2015)

Install on any desktop & laptop you use (both Mac & PC)

Oh, if you make some really cool stuff with Fontself Maker, we’d love to see it & share with the community. So feel free to ping us, or to tag your creations on Twitter & Instagram with #GoFontYontself

100% indy software
Hello, we are 2 guys with a simple goal: to bring you the most user friendly font creation tools. Yep, 'cause self-expression rules !!! ✊

Our journey started back in 2006. We had several attempts along the years, but in 2015 something really cool happened: 760 Kickstarter backers decided we should get back to work and ship some of the cool prototypes we'd built.

Since then, we are dedicated to craft creative tools that any creative can use...

Let's start a revolution

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