5 free color fonts 💝 Valentine’s Week

#ColorFontWeek is back with colorful typefaces & lovely cards

February 10, 2019

Type lovers, rejoice!

Following up on the success of the first #ColorFontWeek in late 2017, we’re thrilled to renew our partnership with Adobe and the Illustrator team to bring you 5 amazing free color fonts from 5 super creative folks.

To celebrate the advent of color typography, its growing support in Adobe’s design apps, and the role of the Fontself user community which has produced most of the color fonts available on the market to date (yay! ;) we’re releasing one colorful typeface every day throughout this Valentine’s week, along with templated greeting cards: https://www.fontself.com/colorfontweek/

Mad Type by Adhemas Batista
Check Adhemas’ interview about his mesmerizing work & typeface.
Sansterdam Color R by Andriy Dykun
Magical Unicorn Neue Pro by Arthur Reinders Folmer
Criolla Nueva by Vanessa Zúñiga
Coba by Joshua Krecioch

And you can also use these fonts for free on your smartphone within the Fontself app: https://itunes.apple.com/app/fontself/id1435927553?ls=1&mt=8

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