Create fonts, the easy way ;)

In Photoshop & Illustrator CC

Turn any lettering into OpenType fonts - right from your favorite creative apps! 👀

Say hi to your next best friend: Fontself Maker 👍

Fontself Maker is an add-on for Photoshop & Illustrator CC that brings you font creation superpowers.

Enjoy a new skill in your next graphic / web / mobile / print / icon / UI / UX projects!

Create fonts in seconds  (just drag & drop)

Create color fonts (yes, this is the future of type ;) 

Convert any shape into a character  (like é á ? £ $ ☂ ★)

Export OpenType font files (standards-compliant fonts)

Install on any desktop & laptop you use (both Mac & PC)

Finally: a type-making tool for designers like you

Fontself for Illustrator runs on CC 2015.3 or CC 2017.

It doesn't run on CC 2014 or CS6.

Make color fonts right from Photoshop CC

- Turn any vector shape or lettering into .otf fonts

- Drag & drop shapes to accelerate your workflow

- Assign any Unicode character, including emojis

- NEW: create & adjust kerning pairs

- Create font families

- Turn any image or vector layer into actual fonts

- Drag & drop layers to create new characters

- Capture any color, shade or texture you want 

- Export OpenType-SVG color fonts (these can be used in Photoshop CC 2017)

Make vector fonts right from Illustrator CC

Fontself for Photoshop runs on CC 2015.5 or CC 2017. 

It doesn't run on CC 2014 or CS6.

Thousands of creatives already use Fontself...

... and they love it!

Gilbert, a color font made with Fontself

What's so unique about Fontself?

Fontself unleashes creativity

Our tools are also meant for the creatives who don't necessarily constrain their artwork to black or white. Their lettering can be colorful, their sketches have a certain grain.

We leverage the latest color font technologies to let you make any type of fonts. Because we  deeply believe that the more people experiment font creation, the more they will pay attention to the typographic choices around them, and the more they will appreciate the exceptional amount of work, dedication & talent that professional type-making requires.

Fontself is democratizing type-making

We aim to open the gates of font creation to a broad audience of creatives, graphic designers, art directors, illustrators, enthusiasts, students and educators.

How? By simplifying the type-making process to its simplest form, right within the most common creative apps: Adobe’s Photoshop & Illustrator. Millions of creatives around the world could now just start making their own fonts.

And now, what's next?

We are currently working on more cool new features for this tool. So if you purchase Fontself Maker now, here is what you will be able to enjoy as part of our FREE updates:

- Ligatures (because many can't live without them)

- Alternates (because glyphs deserve the right to be different too)

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Create vector fonts

Create color bitmap fonts

Create color vector fonts

Kerning editing

Run on macOS & Windows

Free updates

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Hello, we are 3 guys with a simple goal: to bring you the most user-friendly font creation tools. Yep, 'cause self-expression rules !!! ✊

Our journey started back in 2006. We had several attempts along the years, but in 2015 something really cool happened: 760 Kickstarter backers decided we should keep working and ship some of the cool prototypes we'd built.

We are now dedicated to crafting creative tools that any creative can use.

Oh, if you make some really cool stuff with Fontself Maker, we’d love to see it & share it with the community. So feel free to ping us, or to tag your creations on Twitter & Instagram with #fontself

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The beautiful lettering titles on this page were drawn by the amazing GSULF, the Wonder color lettering is from Eve Duhamel, the watercolor AB from David Laranjeira & the pencil one from Pierre Terrier. 👍