Andriy Dykun gives timeless bold colors to a modern condensed style

#ColorFontWeek 💝 Valentine’s Edition — Day 2

February 12, 2019

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For almost 10 years, Andriy Dykun has been designing typefaces inspired by his background in architecture and lettering practice.

“I studied in art school in the Academy of Architecture and Building. So, I’m an architect” he says. It is during his studies, in a course dedicated to history and practice of typography, when the Ukrainian based type designer discovered what later on would become his profession.

At the early age of his typographic journey Andriy Dykun used to work exclusively on lettering. He designed his first full-fledged font in 2017. Since then, the type designer has been navigating between those two disciplines.
“I think I can turn any lettering into a font” he says. However he admits, “it is difficult because you have to sacrifice some details”.

Andriy Dykun begins each type design project by picking a style of typeface he wants to work with. His background drives him mostly towards gothic or antiqua styles but he makes sure to start from scratch with his own material. “I do not like working with material from others,” he says.

Sansterdam Color

With its geometric shapes, vertical lines and tight spacing Sansterdam Color joins the gothic types family, inspired by the European architectural style. The cut-stone style and the chromatic duo formed by the French rose pink and lavender provide “maximum expressiveness” to the typeface.

When designing Sansterdam Color, Andriy Dykun’s intention was to “create a font that can not be done by programmatic effects”. The type designer devoted extra attention to the kerning and leading to make sure that the font is not only expressive, but also functional.

Thanks Andriy!

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