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November 18, 2019
Fontself book

Over the past 4 years, as Fontself Maker evolved from a rudimentary prototype funded on Kickstarter into a mighty font creation tool, we have witnessed a similar evolution in the quality and variety of fonts made by the Fontself user community.

Today, we are proud to announce our very first book, Welcome To Typocracy, a self-published initiative to showcase over a hundred unique typographic projects.

You can download it as a free PDF here.

As we've had more than fifteen thousand chat conversations with our beloved users, we have been truly amazed by the designs and personal trajectories that emerged. This book captures a tiny fraction of all the cool things we've seen and heard about what designers make when they get their hands on our easy font creation tool.

You will learn very inspiring user stories, like how a design student got into type-making by drawing in Illustrator and evolved until he got a type-design award, or how a lettering artist made one of the best selling font by exploring creative capabilities enabled by Fontself Maker.

To complete this printed endeavor - which was initially supposed to be just a tiny booklet - we partnered with the French design studio Akatre. But due to the shear amount of visuals and stories we felt compelled to share, this turned out to be a 1-month crazy race publish a 112-pages book, from gathering all the content, designing the book and shipping it in due time for our participation at Adobe MAX 2019.

Mission accomplished! (😅 Well, almost. We have a some physical copies left from the limited edition, but there are 700 extra books that were supposed to be given away at MAX that are stuck by customs due to paperwork issues...).

Now get ready to witness some serious stuff in there. 🤯

What are you waiting for? Go ahead:

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Enjoy & thanks again to our amazing community for creating such inspiring artwork!

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