Fontself for Education

Give a hands-on experience of type-making to all students, from day 1.

“Fontself is a promising approach to type design.”

Erik Spiekermann

“Fontself is a game changer: cross-platform, $25 for students, one-time fee.

Everything clear, easy, well explained, and powerful enough for spacing, kerning & OpenType features.”

Lucas De Groot

Students & Teachers
Enjoy easy font creation from the creative tools you already know

Up to 40% off for registered students & teachers

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Schools & Universities
Easily deploy a hassle-free font creation tool across any Mac or PC

Up to 75% off for registered institutions

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Our team at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and the Academie Brassart Delcourt in Paris.
Fontself Maker is a great resource for typography courses and workshops.

Create professional fonts in minutes

Fontself Maker brings font creator superpowers to Illustrator & Photoshop.
Any student can now add this new skill to their creative portfolio!

convert any shape

Convert any shape
into a character

Just drag & Drop

Drag & drop create fonts in seconds 

Export OTF font files

Export actual OpenType fonts

Mac or PC

Run on both 
Mac & PC

OpenType-SVG color fonts

Color fonts

Create font with alternates


Make fonts with ligatures


Make fonts with kerning


 Learn more about all the new features, part of our free updates ;)

What’s in for your school?

Students will learn & enjoy making their own fonts in less than an hour
Get a friendly way to convert your students to the joy of typography (learning by doing).

Educational discount for school’s licenses

Get the Fontself tools at a preferred rate for your classes and labs.

Predictable pricing: one-time fee, free updates

Get a continuous set of improvements for free: we’re releasing new features & fixes on a regular basis.  

Free support for IT teams

Get dedicated help for your technical team during the deployment of Fontself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limitations of the educational license of Fontself Maker?
Students & teachers may use Fontself for both personal and commercial use.

Do you have a trial version?
Not yet, but you can watch this demo video of the Illustrator version and this one of the Photoshop add-on.

Does Fontself run on CS6 or older?
No, but it’s optimized for the latest CC versions (CC 2015.3 up to 2021).

Where can I learn more about using with Fontself?
Easy, just visit help center

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Schools love Fontself

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