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Make OpenType vector fonts

Make color vector fonts

Make color bitmap fonts

Run on MacOS & Windows

Free updates

CC version required

Make OpenType vector fonts
Run on MacOS & Windows
Free updates
Require CC 2015 or 2017

coming soon

CC 2015.3 or 2017

CC 2015.5 or 2017

Make font in Photoshop CC

Fontself Maker for Photoshop CC

Fontself Maker for Illustrator CC

Make OpenType vector fonts
Make color bitmaps fonts
Run on MacOS & Windows
Free updates
Require CC 2015.5 or 2017

coming soon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us:

Or simply start a conversation: open the chat bubble, right here, at the bottom >>>>>

Do you have a trial version?

Not yet, but you can watch this demo video of the Photoshop version and this one of the Illustrator add-on.

Should I pay for future updates?

No, updates are free. You pay once, and updates are sent automatically.

Does Fontself run on CS6 or older?

Nope, but it’s optimized for the latest CC versions (CC 2015.3 & CC 2017).

Can I install Fontself on multiple computers?

Your personal license allows you to install the Fontself add-on on 2 devices, such as a desktop & a laptop computer, and as long as you are the sole user of this add-on on both computers.

Can I install the extension on a Mac & a PC?

Yes, within the maximum limit of 2 devices.

Do you have sample fonts made with this tool?

Just check these user-generated fonts on Behance or on Creative Market.

Where can I learn more about using with Fontself?

Easy, just visit

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