What's new in Fontself Maker 3.2

Make fonts faster, and way better.

June 11, 2019

We've made many changes under the hood to the extension, so you can now make more robust fonts and work more swiftly:

  • All-caps fonts (easier)
  • Duplicate fonts (safer)
  • Warnings (smarter)
  • Space & kern (faster)
  • Scale (more precisely)
  • Wanna learn more? Read on!

New features

  • All-caps fonts, made easy: when you design a font with a single case (uppercase or lowercase) no need to duplicate glyphs and kerning pairs to the other case: it's now done automatically for you when you save the font to ensure that users won't see a fallback font when they type letters of the missing case. Just mind the missing case will not be displayed in the Fontself preview, so you can see what's really into your font.


  • Detecting duplicate fonts [only on Illustrator & Mac]: when you press Install a check is performed to warn you if a font with the same name is installed on your system.
Warning when detecting duplicate fonts


  • Font & glyph warnings: issues on vertical metrics and potential glyph clipping due to extreme positions are now detected.​


  • Scaling guidelines: see how your glyphs compare to a standard font so you can match their scale (just roll over the Scale + or - buttons).
Scale glyphs to match a default font size


  • Preview glyph name & Unicode value in Spacing & Kerning views and easily copy the character by clicking on actionable tooltips.


  • Convert color fonts to β€œblack” fonts [in Illustrator only] - you can now remove any color or transparency information to a color vector font (this is not available for bitmap fonts).


  • Create & edit alternates via Smart Batch - to update the shape of a specific alternate glyph when you already have many, just name your source objects with a numbered suffix (like H.alt2) and Batch it.
  • Scale a font to a specific height - you can match the size of all glyphs so they fit with a specific xHeight or capHeight. Just zoom into a glyph cell and enter a number:



  • Fixed Kerning Pad bug that displayed wrong alternates
  • Fixed scrolling bug when selecting glyphs in Spacing & Kerning Pads
  • Fixed alternates kerning bug when using kerning groups
  • Performance improvements (up to 50% faster to refresh fonts)
  • New spacing & kerning sample texts to quick-start the process



Ready to update?

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Have fun!

PS: the font showcased is Malina #madewithfontself by NurseyArt  


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