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Fontself Maker for Illustrator release notes

Here’s what we’ve been cooking over the past days/months/years to make your font lunch even more yummy!

[Photoshop release notes are here]

Fontself Maker for Illustrator 3.4.0


- Illustrator 2020 ready
- macOS 10.15 (Catalina) ready

- Importing metrics now works with single-case fonts

Fontself Maker for Illustrator 3.3.0


- Smart Create: import & name many glyphs at once (select them and enter the same amount of characters, separated by a comma, like: A,a,B,b or $,€,Β₯β€Ž or Π‘,Π”,Π–,И or more sophisticated ffi.liga, f.alt2 to create ligatures and alternates)
- Speed, speed, speed (up to 500% faster to open, load and refresh complex fonts)

- Fewer crashes when editing complex vector & bitmap fonts
- Metrics import bug that mixed up some glyphs Β 
- Wrong conversion for all-cap fonts on ΕΈ

Fontself Maker for Illustrator 3.2.2

More details about these cool new features here.


- Easy all-caps fonts (uppercase/lowercase-only fonts are saved to display the missing case)
- Warnings to highlight potential issues
- Scaling guidelines to compare glyph size with a standard font
- Preview glyph name & Unicode value in Spacing & Kerning views
- Easily copy characters in Spacing & Kerning views
- Convert color fonts to β€œblack” fonts
- Create & edit alternates via Smart Batch
- Scale a font to a specific height
- New help articles on Advanced Spacing and Kerning Groups
- Performance improvements (up to 50% faster to refresh fonts)
- New spacing & kerning sample texts to quick-start the process

- Kerning Pad bug that displayed wrong alternates
- Scrolling bug when selecting glyphs
- Alternates kerning bug when using kerning groups


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 3.1.2


- Some users weren't able to enter the license key and login successfully
- The extension could logout after a month if it wasn't used


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 3.1.1


- Create custom glyph for space character
- Inaccurate glyph shapes in CC 2019
- Inaccurate position of stroked glyphs when using a guide
- Wrong alternates in text pad when ligatures were enabled


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 3.1.0


- Create glyphs from Unicode values, like U+E902
- Create custom space characters
Added to Fontself Catapult
- Use & share your fonts on mobile with the Fontself iOS app
- Showcase live web fonts on Behance & Adobe Portfolio


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 3.0.2


- Catapulting an update to an existing web font can now be done right within the extension (no need to load the Catapult website)
- Welcome Gazette includes web & mobile font usage with Catapult

- Unlocking kerning group pairs prevented from reopening font files
- Dropping 26 letters with a guide prompted for 27 objects
- Monospace feature in Advanced spacing did not work


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 3.0.1


- Wrong glyph metrics after renaming & replacing a glyph
- Windows installer's title was still "v2"...

- Our legal EULA for the software installer

- Our terms and privacy policy for all Fontself tools & services


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 3.0.0


πŸš€ Fontself Catapult Use your fonts on the web & mobile
πŸ‘― Kerning Groups Kern your fonts Better, Faster, Stronger
πŸ” Import Spacing / Kerning Another time-saver for font families!

- Faster operations with all fonts ✨

- πŸ› Many tiny bugs fixed
- Create a ligature with multiple dot characters
‍Learn more about these cool new features


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 2.3.5


- Better checks on glyphs' advance width
⚠️ If you have created fonts with a version older than v2.3.3 containing alternates or ligatures or kerning, open & export the font again to get the fixes.


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 2.3.3


- Exporting fonts on Windows should now lead to fewer invalid fonts for Latin & Cyrillic scripts, as alternates, ligatures or kerning could previously cause troubles.
- An error message that wasn't supposed to be there :D
⚠️ If you have created fonts containing alternates or ligatures or kerning, open & export the font again to get the fixes.


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 2.3.0


- Smarter batch import for alternates & ligatures
- Text previews for color fonts made faster and easier to use
- Glyphs with gradients would lead to empty fonts
- Graphemes like Γ¦ or Ε“ are not anymore converted into ligatures
⚠️ If you have created fonts containing Γ¦, Γ†, Ε“ or Ε’, check whether these characters have been converted into ligatures. If so, just reopen the font file, rename the a + e / o + e Β ligatures into Γ¦ / Ε“ when needed, and export the font again.


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 2.1.0


- Create color fonts 🌈 (with fill/stroke colors, opacity or even gradients)
- Create alternate glyphs
- Create ligatures
- Filter the glyphsFixed
- Small bugs wandering around
‍Learn more about these cool new features


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 2.0.4


- When using the "Create Glyph" button, if the character is already in the font, you will be ask if you want to replace it or not. (You don't need to delete the character like before)
- Alert if your Illustrator version is not compatible on startup

- Small bugs wandering around


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 2.0.3


- Better precision of metrics when dragging lines
- Extension panel was blank for some users
- Small bugs wandering around


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 2.0.2


- What's new and check updates links in extension's menuFixed
- License activation problem for non english users


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 2.0.1


- Open Fontself v1.x fonts
- Install font families on Windows (please re-export all fonts)
- Scale button now impacts glyphs as well as spacing & kerning values
- Mono Space button produces better results


πŸŽ‰ Fontself Maker for Illustrator 2.0.0 πŸŽ‰


πŸ” Advanced Spacing
πŸ‘― Kerning
πŸ’‘ Smart Batch
🎈 Scale all glyphs at once
πŸ“ Font creation template file
πŸ’¬ Community Forum
ℹ️ Searchable Help
‍Check all the new features here.


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 1.1.1


- Installer issues on some computers
- No need to re-enter your personal license key
- Corrupted fonts on Windows can now be reexported to install
- Links in our chat window work again


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 1.1.0


- Tiny fix for vector paths


Fontself Maker for Illustrator 1.0.9


- Font Families: start new font styles from existing fonts!
- Guides: now supporting "xHeight" & "capHeight" names
- Guides: 3 unnamed guides will be considered as ascender, baseline & descenderImproved
- Glyphs: fewer rendering issuesFixed
- Live Preview: displaying PUA glyphs
- Windows: opening font folder/file from the extension
- Windows: adding .otf file extension to font file if needed


Fontself Maker 1.0.8


- Support for any Unicode 🎊😝πŸ”₯πŸ––!
- (Fix) Printing issues with some letters
- More bug fixes βœ”οΈ


Fontself Maker 1.0.7


- Sample text was blank in FontBook (Mac)
- "Export" was generating non valid fonts in some cases
- More bug fixes βœ”οΈ


Fontself Maker 1.0.6


- Add-on installer now works with Illustrator CC 2015.3
- Better shape precision for perfect glyphs
- Improved font compatibility with older software (ie. Word 2008)
- Offline editing
- "What's New" button in the side menu
- More bug fixes βœ”οΈ


Fontself Maker 1.0.3


- Open fonts that were generated with Fontself
- Change your font’s information (font family, style, etc.)
- Batch create several glyphs in one click
- Use ruler guides to set baseline, ascender & descender lines
- Restore previous session when reloading Illustrator


Fontself Maker 0.5.1


- Drag & drop to create new glyphs (CC 2015 only)
- Use a ruler guide to set the baseline of your glyphs
- Adjust the width of the space character
- Support Unicode characters like ❀︎ β˜… Β© or βœ“
- Update upcoming releases in 1-click (Mac only)


Fontself Maker 0.5.0



Come on guys, what did you expect? We are really too busy right now to fill this list backwards in time ;-)


Fontself Maker 0.1.0


- Just started cleaning the mess from the POC



PS: If you really wanna go way back in the time machine, check this out: https://www.behance.net/gallery/30245329/FONTYOURSELF-(aka-the-very-first-Fontself-project)

Enjoy & share the love!✌️[Notes for Photoshop here]


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