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Create fonts with ligatures

Draw, Drag and Drop

Turn any shape or lettering into a glyph in seconds just with a simple drag and drop. Create and edit as many glyphs as you want.
How to create your font
How to make fonts with alternates
Make fonts with alternates


Drag and drop as much alternative shapes as you want for your glyphs and add a unique touch to your designs.
Create fonts with ligatures


Easily create ligatures or illustrated words to enrich your fonts. Standards and discretionary ligatures are supported.
How to create fonts with ligatures
How to make fonts with kerning
Create fonts with Kerning

Spacing & Kerning

Define your glyphs metrics by setting accurate values, by dragging metrics lines or just by importing metrics from another font. Create & adjust kerning pairs and save time with kerning groups.
OpenType-SVG color fonts

Color fonts

Color is the new black in type. Create OpenType-SVG fonts that feature colors, shades, gradients & opacity. Vectors or pixels, you're free to play.
Discover how to create Color fonts
Kerning made easy
Create fonts with Kerning

Support via in-app chat

Whenever you have a question or need some help, we are right here to chat with you at any time. We have also crafted many tutorials and help articles that you can check at any time from our help center.

Save hours of work with Smart Metrics

Adjust spacing & kerning of all glyphs in one click 🚀
space and kern in seconds
Available as part of our free updates

Use your own fonts on the web

Fontself Catapult is our companion service to Fontself Maker
(Currently in free beta for Illustrator users)

Export OTF font files

Publish & host web fonts in seconds

Just drag & Drop

No mess with font files
(just use 2 lines of code)

Export OTF font files

Preview fonts on any website (extension soon)

Use your fonts (+ free creative ones) on your mobile

Discover cool fresh fonts that you can use to chat or post original messages.
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